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What's Happening?

May 11, 2023 

It's hard to believe that it's been 8 months since Reach for the Stars ATX held its first Modern Manners workshop! Looking back on everything that's happened since then, I can't help but feel incredibly proud of where it is today. Despite the challenges - from the ice storm to me getting knocked down with Covid - it's managed to grow into something truly special, thanks in no small part to the support and understanding of our amazing students and their families.


There are a lot of exciting events coming up. In June, Reach for the Stars ATX will open a summer popup in the Hill Country Galleria (yay!). The space will be larger and more colorful, yet still full of the warmth students are used to.


On May 20th at 1 pm, Reach for the Stars ATX will be at Austin Elite Gymnastics' annual Summer Bash,  This fun and FREE event will feature an open gym, a waterslide, a bounce house, lots of tasty treats, and a chance to WIN Reach for the Stars ATX gift vouchers, For more information, contact Austin Elite Gymnastics here.


On June 10th at 10 am, in partnership with The Hills Country Club, Reach for the Stars ATX will host Breaking Bread, its workshop on navigating dining situations with confidence. Held at the newly remodeled Hills Country Club, participants aged 8-14 will have the unique opportunity to learn, make friends, and break bread together with a 4-course meal in a world-class setting. Contact the Hills Country Club here for more information.


Be on the lookout in mid-June for the release of Work Hard Smile Large's podcast highlighting Reach for the Stars ATX, its mission, and the inspiration behind it. If you're not yet familiar with Work Hard Smile Large, they are doing big things in the Lake Travis community, and our shared interests and passions made it the perfect pairing. Learn more about Work Hard Smile Large here.

Check your mailboxes at the end of the summer for the August issue of Neighbors of Lakeway magazine featuring Reach for the Stars ATX. Learn about me, my motivation, and what I envision for Reach for the Stars ATX in the future. Learn more about Neighbors of Lakeway magazine here.

In partnership with Lake Travis Community Library, on August 12th @ 10:30 am, Reach for the Stars ATX presents "Yes, I Can!", a special storytime for our littlest learners on the importance of perseverance and positivity. Mark your calendars for this free and fun event! For more information on this and other family-friendly events coming up at the Lake Travis Community Library, click here.

That's all for now. Thank you to all the kids, their supportive families, and the community for helping me make Reach for the Stars ATX what it is. This will never be a perfect world, but together we can make it a little bit kinder and more harmonious.

                                                                         Barbara Achilles Minardi

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