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Schools & Centers of Learning 

At Reach for the Stars ATX, we work closely with schools of varying sizes and types, ranging from micro-schools and homeschool pods to expansive public school districts. This collaborative effort ensures that our content and programming are tailored to meet the distinct educational objectives of each individual organization. Our enrichment programs and workshops serve as invaluable supplements to any curriculum, aiming to ignite a love for learning.

At Reach for the Stars ATX, we are committed to fostering positive child development and enhancing students' overall well-being. Our content offers a versatile platform for character development, modern manners, and leadership cultivation, equipping students with essential tools for academic, social, and personal growth.

In-school Enrichment

Reach for the Stars ATX presents a unique alternative to special events and in-school field trips by bringing our program directly to you! Whether it's for a single day or a multi-day engagement, our tailored programming eliminates the hassle of brainstorming for engaging and educational options. Let us bring the excitement of elevated learning to your doorstep! Explore our unique single-day workshop options here.

After-school Enrichment

Reach for the Stars ATX is proud to serve as an after-school enrichment program within the elementary schools of Lake Travis ISD, Dripping Springs ISD, and starting in fall 2024, Eanes ISD, through its multi-week Super Leaders program. 

Additional multi-week enrichment programs include:

  • Super Leaders: Unleashing our Inner Super Leaders

  • Character Camp: Character Building and Enrichment

  • Being a Good Friend: Living by the Golden Rule

  • Elementary Life Essentials: Introduction to Soft Skills

Summer Camps

Looking for a summer camp or holiday break option that not only prevents the "summer slide" but also enriches and elevates children's lives? Our summer camp and holiday break programs offer an exciting blend of engaging activities, hands-on learning experiences, and character-building opportunities. Designed to combat the decline in academic skills over the break, our programming keeps children mentally stimulated and academically engaged while fostering personal growth and development. 

Reach for the Stars ATX's Super Leader program is proud to be a summer camp option within the esteemed Lake Travis ISD and Dripping Springs ISD. 

New programs coming fall 2024! 

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