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At Reach for the Stars ATX, we offer in-person preschool and elementary-level workshops designed to enrich and elevate children's lives. Our workshops are tailored to encourage Happy Hearts, Healthy Minds, and Honest Social Connections, providing a holistic approach to child development.


We work closely with public, private, charter schools, and homeschools to ensure that our content aligns with their educational goals. Our workshops provide a valuable addition to any curriculum and are designed to inspire children and foster a love of learning.


Reach for the Stars ATX  provides your children with the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond.


  Workshop options include:  

  • Kindness & Positivity: Kindness is teachable and contagious, and promotes a more positive world! This workshop aims to show children how kindness and positivity are important for a healthier and happier life, not just for ourselves, but for those around us.

  • Modern Manners: Not your grandma's finishing school. This workshop children will introduce children to the guidelines on how to treat each other with courtesy and respect. "Please' and "thank you" don't just sound good, words and language have the power to shape our world.

  • Loose Lips Sink Ships: "Words have no wings but they can fly a thousand miles." In this workshop, children learn the subtle yet significant differences between tattling, telling, gossiping, and venting.

  • From Out of the Ashes: A workshop on grit, resilience, and growing from adversity.

  • Being Kind to the Earth: A workshop on the importance of extending kindness to the Earth every day for the benefit of ourselves and everyone that calls planet Earth home.

After-school Enrichment

Please contact us for more information on how Reach for the Stars ATX can serve your after-school enrichment needs. 

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