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Table Manners & Dining Etiquette

Breaking Bread

From holiday feasts to backyard BBQ's, Reach for the Stars ATX's Breaking Bread workshop helps guide young people on how to graciously navigate dining situations with confidence. With less emphasis on outdated rules and more emphasis on mealtimes as a means to build community, Breaking Bread aims to curb impulsiveness while encouraging self-restraint, will-power, self-awareness, and awareness of others. 


A popular option for private clubs and its members, Breaking Bread helps young people develop social skills, teaches respect and consideration, boosts confidence and self-esteem, prepares for future success, promotes health and hygiene, and enhances family bonding.


Reach for the Stars ATX's Breaking Bread workshop is available as a small group workshop or as an event for larger groups and community organizations. Private instruction is also available.  

Contact Reach for the Stars ATX for more information. 

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