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Hachiko and other Lessons of Loyalty



2 Hrs


About the Course

First held during March’s National Cherry Blossom Festival which commemorates the gift of Japanese cherry trees from Tokyo to Washington D.C. as a symbol of friendship, this workshop focuses on another Japanese symbol, the dog Hachiko. This workshop centers around Hachiko’s story, his embodiment of loyalty, trustworthiness, and friendship, and other similar stories.

Loyalty and trustworthiness are two of the most important traits children can have. They are the glue that holds friendships together. When children have bonds with loyal friends, social anxiety and depression are reduced and self-worth is boosted. These traits are also important as children grow and crucial to being a valuable leader, teammate, or co-worker.

Teaching a child who they can trust, and why, is just as important as teaching a child how to be trustworthy. This workshop also introduces kids to the importance of limiting their trust and creating boundaries with people they don't know well.

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